T-Logics Standard Crediting System (SHR)

SHR (T-Logics Standard Crediting System) enables the setup and continuous tuning of business rules for credit application pre-filtering and the selection of the right financial products in a safe and transparent way, without IT development!

  • What is the credit risk we can still tolerate? Are we able to change the risk rules in a flexible way, and implement the changes quickly and securely enough?
  • Are we checking the credit requester's risk rating often enough? Is there a possibility for fine-tuning the category boundaries or for a flexible exception handling?
  • What credit products can fulfill the credit requester's requirements, if a product cannot be approved, what is the exact reason for rejection?
  • Can we change our products or introduce new products quickly enough?
  • Can we perform all these changes precisely, verifiably, quickly and at a low cost, i.e. in a competitive way?

shr-demo_tmbClick here, open the video gallery, watch the presentations and see the system in action!