Process Management and Rule Management have to be integrated

(Business rule management, TCPS)

Bonita BPM Community Edition 7.5 and TCPS are now connected

Have you thought about how to optimize or automate your Business Processes?
4 years ago we published a white paper about how TCPS can help to succeed with Business Process Management and how to achieve even more flexibility.
Now we took a successful concrete BPM: Bonita BPM 7.5 from Bonitasoft and showed easily based only on publicly available documentation of Bonita, that the concepts are still valid and working, e.g. managing decisions in decision gateways. Please watch these presentations (part1, part2) that are based on the trial version of Bonita. You will need a VMWARE player and you can try and play around in minutes, as shown in the presentations. Download Bonita BPM 7.5.4 Community Edition and TCPS trial version, deploy the rule from xls, and import this file in Bonita studio! Enjoy it!
Questions, remarks, and ideas are welcome here.

As a next - probably soon - we will provide an in-depth presentation based on a commercial edition of Bonita which is available with different subscription packs.
If you have any questions regarding Bonita or TCPS, please contact us!

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