Business rules integration with Bonita and TCPS

(Business rule management, TCPS)

On the 13th of March Mr. Zoltan Tánczos presented how can Bonita use TCPS Business Decisions. Thanks Bonitasoft for organising this event. Now the recorded version is available on Bonitasoft's homepage. Your feedbacks are welcome.

The recorded webinar is presenting a part of a simplified Loan Request Process. The decisions that drive the process are originated from real life. The goal of the webinar is to highlight the advantages of externalized, self contained rules. The recorded version is available here. You can try the process presented here on your own. To be able to test the process all what you have to do is to import this .bos file into your Bonita Studio and run the process. If you would like to play around with the rules also, you may register on this portal, after that you can connect to the TCPS RuleCenter that was used during the webinar also. You can download the rules in their native format as xls files. Your questions and ideas are welcome here!