Our Mission

success2It is frequent at this time in business life that certain organizations operate more than fifty or even a hundred applications. It is possible that your company already provides an adequate application for each task to your organization’s individual groups, departments, and branches. We can assume that these applications are operated safely and used efficiently by responsible people. However, if these applications do not operate in an integrated way, then your company is just at the beginning of a long journey. The applications have to serve the value-adding processes in a cooperative way, either in an automated or in a unified way, but through customized user interfaces.

success1It is necessary to take further steps, and these steps are – if you will – the journey itself. It is not a single step, it is a continuous progress that brings with it continuous change, a series of changes. Unfortunately, you have very little time available for these changes individually and in general. Moreover, the more progress you made already in this journey, the more painful it is to make a false step. This is the real challenge. Our objective is to be able to produce new quality in this journey, and to be your and your company’s reliable long-term partner. Our products have been developed to achieve these objectives. Our products represent our decades-long experience, knowledge and tremendous development work. Our strategic objective is to have our products as continuous market leaders support you and your company in achieving the above objectives.

How can our products help?

The principles required for achieving special flexibility and a high integration level, for example reusability and loose coupling, were born together with the founding of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Such an architecture can be the token of success if coupled with appropriate control and governance. In our experience the actual implementation of the SOA paradigm can easily be grounded by the lack of adequate tools, knowledge and methodology. That’s the reason why we developed our products and connected methodologies, they have no competitors in their respective areas.

TCPS: a tool for handling business rules, primarily for business users and business analysts. Its usage helps the business customers regain the possibility of direct intervention and control.

TRMT: a tool for the administration of continuous development and deployment of integrated applications consisting of numerous application components. It affects the entire software lifecycle and it is used by developers, quality assurance and operators.

TMON: a tool created for analyzing and monitoring the real-time operations of integrated applications. It can be customized to your needs. It is used by testers, operators, business users and the Helpdesk.