Business rule management, TCPS

Business rules integration with Bonita and TCPS

On the 13th of March Mr. Zoltan Tánczos presented how can Bonita use TCPS Business Decisions. Thanks Bonitasoft for organising this event. Now the recorded version is available on Bonitasoft's homepage. Your feedbacks are welcome.

Process Management and Rule Management have to be integrated

Bonita BPM Community Edition 7.5 and TCPS are now connected

Three-Year Cooperation Agreement with Raiffeisen Bank about TCPS

On May 29th, 2015, we have signed a cooperation agreement for three further years about the usage and extension of our TCPS product with our partner, Raiffeisen Bank, who have been using TCPS for eight years now.

Dr. Áron Vitályos CFO of Telenor Hungary: Automation of Business Decisions

Business Processes consist of tasks and decisions. Automation of decisions is key in success of Business Process Management.

Some challenges with Authorization Handling of IT systems II

Why do Identity Managements Systems fail? The keynote from Mr. Daniel Nemethy Director of KBC Services discussed the question, why Identity Management Systems have not helped in reducing complexity of Authorizations' management really? The discussion has shown...

Some challenges with Authorization Handling of IT systems

Our TCPS club on 19th March 2013 dealed with the question how business rules and authorization rules relate to each other? Questions were asked and answered in the keynote speech by Mr. István Ragó CSO of Erstebank Hungary and in a follow-up presentation by Mr. Zoltán Tánczos Jr. from T-Logic.

TCPS - Bloody Story, part 3

The third part of our TCPS product 5 minutes series has arrived! At the end of last part we prepared a test case for a business case, which was not treated adequately by the rule. Today we will show you how to adjust the rule, to provide to deal with both the previous and the newly defined case.

TCPS - Bloody Story, part 2

The bloody story continues! The second section describes in a nutshell, the process of creating rules. Using an example we will outline the methodology, which really makes the TCPS successful.

TCPS - Bloody Story, part 1

We started our "5 minutes T-Logic" series. The objective of the first part is to present one of the most important differentiating characteristics of TCPS, specifically how can we exploit all information contained in a business rule while describing the rule only once? And we'll show you how.